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Cynghrair Wrth Niwclear Cymru / Welsh Anti Nuclear Alliance WANA/CWNC an alliance of organisations and individuals



1) Aims and Objectives:

a) to showcase and publicise anti-nuclear activities in Wales or with relevance for Wales;

b) to facilitate communication between organisations and individuals in order to foster mutual awareness of and support for each other's activities;

c) to solicit donations and grants to pay necessary expenses in furtherance of these Aims and Objectives;

d) to operate as a Not for Profit organisation;

e) to provide financial assistance to anti-nuclear activities in Wales or with relevance for Wales save only that expenditure on 1a, 1b, and 1c shall take precedence.



2) Terminology:

a) "anti-nuclear activities" means activities intended to oppose the planning, construction or use of nuclear energy for power generation; of weapons containing radioactive substances; of facilities for disposal of or incineration of materials containing radioactivity;

b) "organisation" means any number of people however constituted who act together in furtherance of 2a;

c) "individual" means a person acting alone in furtherance of 2a;

d) "group" refers to a Facebook Group as in 3b, 3c and 4c.

e) "membership" is defined in 3)



3) Membership

a) an individual member is any person who subscribes to the Aims and Objectives of WANA /CWNC and/or signs up to receive email newsletters from WANA /CWNC. Individual members may be based anywhere;

b) a member organisation is any organisation that successfully applies to have a section on the WANA/CWNC websites. Organisations based outside Wales will need to show that their activities have implications for Wales. Organisations will be encouraged to designate a person who posts on the Facebook Group.

c) Individual members may apply to the Committee to have a section on the websites.


4) Structure: a managing committee with a Chair, a Secretary and a Treasurer with other people co-opted as necessary. The Committee shall determine ways and means of delivering the Aims and Objectives. Committee membership shall be maintained by co-option as necessary.

The Committee shall ensure:

a) that bilingual websites display information and updates on the priorities and activities of member organisations which will provide information monthly in Welsh or English or both. Temporary failure of a member to update its section will not disqualify;

b) that material submitted for the websites is translated or, where both versions have been submitted, that translations are accurate;

c) that a moderated WANA/CWNC Facebook Group is set up to facilitate ongoing discussion which will feed automatically into the websites without translation;

d) that a bank account will be maintained in credit;

e) that donations and disbursements are properly managed in accordance with the Aims and Objectives and an annual account published;

f) that applications for financial support under 1e are determined without undue delay within available resources;

g) that this document is published on the websites in Welsh and English.

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